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Well-Formed Worship Leader

Doctor of Musical Arts, Composer, Worship Pastor

Well-Formed Worship Leader

Worship leadership is a holy calling before God. Through this course, you’ll learn to see your work in a deeper way than ever before. You’ll grow in addressing the emotional and psychological wounds of the people you serve. You’ll improve your ability to plan worship structures that lead people through spiritual transformation. You’ll stretch your ability to be sensitive to the particularities and diverse backgrounds that make up your congregation’s life. You’ll ground your efforts in deep theological thinking and the rich traditions that define your denomination. And finally, you’ll strengthen the musical skill that allows you to speak well to the worshiping community.

This is a FULLER Equip course, which includes an assessment and feedback upon completion. This course is not a part of a certificate program and will not be credited toward additional work.


Doctor of Musical Arts, Composer, Worship Pastor

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This course includes:

  • Multimedia instruction and exercises to help you immediately apply what you learn to your everyday life
  • Access to content on multiple devices, wherever you are
  • Mid-course assessments and a final assessment where you will have the opportunity to test and demonstrate your learning
  • An opportunity to respond to and incorporate a round of feedback before your final assessment submission

Course Price: $125

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