The Unaware Leader

PhD, Executive Director of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership

The Unaware Leader

Do you feel overwhelmed by your role as a leader? Anxious? Lonely? Stuck? In this course, The Unaware Leader: How Knowing Yourself Boosts Your Leadership Effectiveness, you will walk through some practices to help you identify ways to address those feelings and welcome in support as you lead with empathy and creativity. Finding ways to take risks in a constructive manner and reflecting on work, yourself, and God’s call on your life are all important factors as you develop the skills to lead with empathy. Join Michaela O’Donnell on this journey into a practice of ongoing self-reflection and a better understanding of your vocation.

This is a FULLER Equip course, which includes an assessment and feedback upon completion. This course is not a part of a certificate program and will not be credited toward additional work.


PhD, Executive Director of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership

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  • Multimedia instruction and exercises to help you immediately apply what you learn to your everyday life
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  • Mid-course assessments and a final assessment where you will have the opportunity to test and demonstrate your learning
  • An opportunity to respond to and incorporate a round of feedback before your final assessment submission

Course Price: $125

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