Storytelling and the Preacher


Storytelling and the Preacher

God’s chosen method for revealing divine love and redemption was through a grand story. Stories arrest us and change us. They help us view both ordinary days and extraordinary seasons as mysterious and meaningful parts of a whole. This course is designed to help communicators, particularly preachers, use stories well to form grace-shaped communities. In this course, you’ll identify the benefits of using illustrations in sermons. You’ll discover the variety of illustrations that exist and how to use them well. And you’ll also recognize the common pitfalls of storytelling so you can avoid them. After completing this course, you’ll strengthen your ability to craft public speeches and sermons that are truly impactful and formative.
This is a FULLER Equip course, which includes an assessment and feedback upon completion. This course is not a part of a certificate program and will not be credited toward additional work.

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  • Multimedia instruction and exercises to help you immediately apply what you learn to your everyday life
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  • Mid-course assessments and a final assessment where you will have the opportunity to test and demonstrate your learning
  • An opportunity to respond to and incorporate a round of feedback before your final assessment submission

Course Price: $125

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