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The 5 Seasons of a Church Plant

MDiv, Director of Church Planting at Fuller

The 5 Seasons of a Church Plant

A church plant is a dynamic, living, organism, which requires the planter to lead with agility through the five developmental stages of a church plant from birth through reproduction. In this course, you’ll learn to identify the contextual realities that will shape your plant’s mission, vision, and values. These include financial realities, geophysical location, the unique needs of your neighborhood, and your team’s particular strengths, to name a few. You’ll grow in your ability to discern Spirit-led goals, tasks, and steps that complement that context. And you’ll become more agile so that you can adapt those goals, tasks, and steps in real time. 

This course counts towards the Church Planting Certificate.

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MDiv, Director of Church Planting at Fuller

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