Joining God's mission

Joining God’s Mission

Church Planter, M.Div

Joining God’s Mission

Just as plants need healthy soil, so too does our ministry need the life-giving missional theology in relationship to the ultimate Source of life: God. Just as nutrients already exist in the soil, the good news is that God’s call is an invitation to join a mission that is already in progress! In other words, God is already caring for the culture and community you will step into. In this foundational course, you’ll learn about missional theology: what it is, how potent and freeing it is for planters, and how it can inform the way you read all of Scripture. Armed with this good news, you’ll also learn to discern how God is already at work in your community and how to join into that mission by developing a clear set of mission, vision, and values that will enable you to plant a healthy and thriving church.

This course counts towards the Church Planting Certificate.

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Church Planter, M.Div

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