Elevate your Christian leadership and train with Fuller experts

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Train with Fuller experts and elevate your Christian leadership.

What are FULLER Equip Certificates?

FULLER Equip Certificates are designed to bring you practical skills and help you grow outside of a traditional degree program. These certificates are great for individuals, or for organizations looking to increase the impact of their teams. You and your team will have opportunities for continued education and professional development training through practical resources and assessments that can be directly applied to your ministry or professional context.

Learn from Fuller’s Experts

Access courses created by Fuller’s faculty, experts, and network of trusted voices

Engage in Christian Training

Engage in interactive, multimedia learning experiences and immediately apply what you learn to your professional contexts

Go at Your Own Pace

Available wherever you are, on any device, any time. Our flexible learning environment encourages leaders to pursue learning goals while remaining in their professional settings

Earn Certificates

Earn professional certificates displaying increased competency and knowledge in your field of expertise

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Professional Development from Fuller Experts

Our mission for FULLER Equip is to provide indispensable formational education to diverse Christian leaders everywhere. We believe every Christian--regardless of their location, level of education, language, culture, ethnicity, socio-economic status, career interest, or stage of life--can access world-class content experiences.


FULLER Equip is a digital platform that translates Fuller’s scholarship and insights into accessible digital training for leaders nationally and globally. FULLER Equip Certificates are developed by Fuller Theological Seminary, one of the world’s largest Christian institutions for graduate-level theological and psychological education. For over 70 years, Fuller Seminary has excelled at providing students around the world with the training they need to advance God’s kingdom. FULLER Equip Certificates are designed to extend the mission of Fuller beyond the classroom.

15 courses, 2 certificates, equipping you for professional development

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Certificates are earned through a successful completion of a series of courses

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Graded Course


What’s included:

1 Course

1 Graded Assessment

1 Badge (Proof of Completion)

Program Bundle


What’s included:

6 Courses

6 Graded Assessments

1 Final Project Validated by Fuller Experts

1 Professional Certificate

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